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New Jersey Radius - Emission Statement Services
Our company uses an advanced software strategy for entering emission data into the Radius for companies operating in New Jersey.  The typical Emission Statement project requires four easy steps as described below. 

Step 1.  The company submits their 2009 Emissions Statement to us in Radius format to get the process started.  Following our review of the 2009 Emission Statement, we will generate a project cost estimate with an expected time cycle for the completed project. 

Step 2.  Using the 2009 Emission Statement (from Step 1), Mitchell Scientific will generate custom data entry forms in Excel containing all of the important emission statement records from the 2009 Emission Statement.  These data entry forms are then sent back to the customer where the previous year data is edited to reflect the operation for the 2010 operating year. 

Step 3.  The customer then sends the completed Excel data entry forms with 2010 emission data back to us for processing.  We then process the finalized Excel data into Radius using our advanced computerized data entry system into Radius to create the Emissions Statement for 2010. 

Step 4.  Once completed, the Emission Statement for 2010 is exported from Radius at our location and sent to the customer for review.  The customer then loads the Emission Statement for 2010 from our processing into their own copy of Radius for making additional adjustments if needed. 

Computerized data entry offers many benefits over manual data manipulation.

  • This approach is highly accurate,
  • Cost Effective,
  • Highly Efficient,
  • and enables Rapid Turnaround.

Since 1998, our company has been working with many New Jersey companies to transfer their environmental data into Radius for Title V and Air Emission Statement submission purposes.


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