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March 23, 2009 Emission Master® 7.5.5 Is released with the added with the Storage Tank import tool.  Monthly tank farm data including waste solvent storage activities as well as normal solvent storage operations are entered into an Excel file.
Oct. 1, 2008 Emission Master® 7.5 This new version provides a Vessel Gant view and Vessel Visualization tool.  Updates and improvements have been made to the Chemical and Control databases.
Sept. 12, 2007 Emissions Accountant 5.3 is released with enhanced PTE analysis support.  The new PTE report produces the same results as EPA documented procedures. 
Sept. 12 2007 Emission Master® 7.4.2 is released with support for automating changes in the vent path for one or more process activities where an element about condenser or other control device needs changing.  Also, a new Control Device Removal Efficiency report was added to expand the output capabilities. 
Nov. 23 2005 Emission Master 7.3 and Emissions Accountant 4.2 are announced for release on December 15th 2005. For a full list of features and enhancements you can follow the following links:
May 5th 2005 Emission Master 7.2  This latest development takes advantage of the new average composition model for Charge and Transfer operations released by the EPA under Chapter 16.
Jan. 26th 2005

Emissions Accountant 4.1  This new upgrade features a brand new help file - with a detailed insight to each function of the program.  Extra enhancements from 4.0 include a Calendar View for batch/process production for your factory, Reporting enhancements and a new intuitive look to the program.

Oct. 20th 2004


Emissions Accountant 4.0  The new release is being developed using the same advanced software platform that was used for Emission Master.  When  the program is released later this year, it will provide a very productive and efficient means for developing and maintaining an air emissions inventory for one or more production facilities. 

Oct. 20th 2004

Release of Emission Master 7.1 - This new version provides modeling for fixed roof storage tanks and additional control devices including vacuum pumps and steam jets.

Sept. 2nd 2004

Kaleidoscope for Radius shows strong support throughout New Jersey.  A special offer is being released for a one year license of this software.

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