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Wednesday, April 18 & Thursday, April 19, 2018
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
$950 - Two day workshop



Price includes course plus lunch and assumes
that attendee will bring his or her own notebook computer to use at the workshop. 


Day 1  The first day of the workshop will include a basic understanding of process modeling concepts as well as a comprehensive orientation of Emission Master & Emissions Accountant Software. We will review the different process models that are available and how they should be applied in a number of modeling situations.  Many of the special tools (vent path changer, control device abnormality analysis, and others) will be studied.  Emissions Accountant emissions inventory concepts will be presented and attendees will get to see how process information, production data, and analysis reporting can work together for emissions inventory management purposes.

Day 2  During the second day of the workshop we will dive into process modeling in much more detail than was permitted on day one.  Attendees will have an opportunity to model several different types of processes and be exposed to a wide range of modeling challenges.  A major objective will be to be able to go from a basic process recipe batch sheet to a fully developed Emission Master model.  Chemical process modeling, tank farm operations, and combustion operations are well within the scope of Day 2.  As process models are created then they will be taken into Emissions Accountant where production data will be entered and an end of year emissions inventory will be developed. 





Course Description

   "This training seminar provided a 'hands-on' chance for new and experienced users to explore the intricacies of the equations and their use in modeling.  I also enjoyed the opportunity for direct interaction with the creators of this innovative emission modeling program."

      Karen DeWyse

If you are new or experienced at using Emission Master and Emissions Accountant (or if you are considering purchasing these programs) - then this course is for you. By the end of the day attendees will have a commanding knowledge of the software and be able to model processes under a number of scenarios as well as manage site wide air emissions inventory data.

Emission Master
The first part of the course will focus on developing a keen understanding of modeling chemical processes for making air emission calculations. All of the official EPA equations will be reviewed and a basic understanding of the theory behind the equations developed. Persons attending the course will apply this knowledge through hands-on experience using Emission Master software. A break down of Emission Master and all associated files and databases will be explained.

Emissions Accountant
The task of managing air emissions inventory data will be presented in the second part of the course. Moving emissions data from Emission Master to Emissions Accountant will be demonstrated for modeled processes. Once Emissions Accountant has been populated with air emissions data, the program will be used to analyze chemical processes using a broad collection of analysis and reporting tools. Developing emissions inventory data for SARA Title III, Title V, PTE and other federal and state requirements will be discussed and illustrated. The principles taught in this phase of the course will be re-enforced through hands on experience.

Course Outline (Tentative)
8:00 - 8:30 Registration and get acquainted
8:30 - 10:00 Theory behind modeling chemical processes.
Basic Process Operations and Modeling Equations: (Filling, Gas Sweep, Vacuum, Gas Evolution, Depressurization, Heating, etc.)
Other Operations
  - Factor Based Charge, Reactions, Combustion, Emission Factor, etc.
10:00 - 10:20 Morning Break
10:20 - 12:00 Emission Master software.
Using standard process models.
Modeling complex operations.
Databases and associated resource files.
Reports and other data output capabilities.
Other utilities (Tank Farm Import, Control Device Abnormality Analysis, etc.)
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch Break
1:00 - 2:00 Emissions Inventory Development
Modeling on or more process examples
Using resources ( Vessel Inspector, Control Device Changer, Compound Swap, and other resources)
2:00 - 3:00 Emissions Accountant
Transferring emissions data from Emission Master to Emissions Accountant
Taking Emissions Accountant through the paces.
Reports (Report Classification Sets, Process and Production Permits, Process Permit Reports, Equipment Permits, PTE, etc)
3:00 - 3:20 Afternoon Break
3:20 - 4:30 Putting it all together
Setting up implementation strategies with the plant site environment.
LAN installations and different configurations
Future development plans for Emission Master and Emissions Accountant
Ongoing user support through web tutorial files, telephone conversation, web sessions.
Feedback session

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